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We Were Unable to Load Disqus

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So today I was trying to enable comments to this blog, because, like, comments are the whole point of a blog, right? Seemed like an easy job, just register an account with disqus, enter your disqus short name in a config file and we’re done!


Well, of course not. Remember:

If anything can go wrong, it will.


I had the pleasure to see this message displayed instead of the nice comment form that I was expecting:

We were unable to load Disqus. If you are a moderator please see our
troubleshooting guide.

[My stupid comment form]

Wow… ok, so I immediately googled something along the lines of “octopress disqus problem” and tons of people had some kind of problem so it should be like two minutes to find the problem and another five to actually solve it.


Well, of course not. Everybody had plenty of problems but not exactly mine. The issue for me was a tiny problem in the _config.yml file. I had this:

[_config.yml] (bad_config.yml) download
url: www.fullcircles.ch

Instead of that:

[_config.yml] (good_config.yml) download
url: http://www.fullcircles.ch

And now it works, so I’m sharing that here and hopefully it will help somebody.